Back again!

Briar and I headed back to the same grasslands unit. I was out scouting for the upcoming hike on Wednesday.

Another day at the same grasslands unit. And of course Briar headed straight to the armadillo. Additionally I am certain she was checking out who else had been looking too. 😉
Of course Briar took in the other sights while I looked at the lichens.

The 3-D fruticose lichen was first photo. In our area there are multiple species of Ramalina. The Sinewed Ramalina (Ramalina americana) can be recognized by the whitish apothecia located on the tips of its the branches.

Another common fruticose lichen are the orange Teloschistes. The Goldeneye Lichen (Teloschistes chrysophthalmus) sports cilia (hair like things) on the margins of apothecia (disk things).
A nice clump of the other common Teloschistes in our area, the Slender Orange-Bush (Teloschistes exilis)! Most of the other gray green lichens in the photo are of foliose lichens.

Slender Orange-Bush (Teloschistes exilis) differs from T. chrysophthalmus by not have cilia on the margins of the apothecia.

Briar was definitely not interested in the same parts of nature that I am. For example the green moss covered limb with Leucodon julaceaus was of no interest to Briar. LOL.

But certainly we both enjoyed our time exploring. 🙂

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