Catch a Falling Moon

“Naturally-formed bodies that orbit planets are called moons, or planetary satellites. The best-known planetary satellite is, of course, Earth’s Moon. Since it was named before we learned about other planetary satellites, it is called simply “the Moon.””

Having Briar (Claire’s furry buddy) here means that there is one last duty to do before hitting the sack. Jim captured this while taking Briar out for her nightly business trip on Wednesday. The moon had rings! Some say that a halo moon means rain or snow will be heading your way. Well, I did get sprinkled on Thursday. LOL. Others see it as a sign of good luck or a message from the spirits. Of course many cultures have many different beliefs. However, scientists refer to these as 22-degree halos. They got that name because the radius of the circle is always approximately 22 degrees. But whatever your belief it is worth enjoying! Thank you Jim for your photo!
So this morning I was looking out the back door to check the weather conditions. Oh my, the tree was trying to catch the moon. Its top branches had it in its grips!
The moon must be slippery! For it wasn’t long before the tree couldn’t hang on.

The tree tried again one handed.
Nope, it slipped further down. ;-(

Twenty minutes later, it was still stuck in the tree.
We tried catch it with a hand too. But it was too cold without a glove to hold. Nothing could stop its escape. So it was nowhere to be seen later in the morning. 🙂

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. These articles are super – did not realize that there were so few eagle nests known to tpd. And the nasa article on the moons with the videos is wonderful.

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