Dog Wonders About Human

Briar and I only spent two and half hours out. And as per usual the dog goes further than the human. Dog: 3.05 miles; human: 1.6 miles.

Dog took dips. Much too cold for human.
So the human stopped for tiny mushrooms. Mushrooms generally don’t interest the dog.
Furthermore the dog wondered why the human stopped to admire the Turban Cap Lichens (Cladonia peziziformis). There are multiple species of peg lichens (Cladonia). Turban Cap Lichens (Cladonia peziziformis) can be ID’d by the split in the podetia (the stalk thingy).
What’s holding you up human?
However the human stopped to notice the shadows on the ripples in the sandy creek bed.
Human got silly.
So the dog just had to lie and wait.

Human did wear the pup out. 😉

So I suspect that the dead armadillo might have been Briar’s best find of the outing. At least as far as I knew. LOL.

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. I have a new addition to my shortlist of favorite scientific names: “peziziformis”. Wow! I like your ritual mask too.

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