Fern and Mosses

Another sunny day but it wasn’t quite as warm as yesterday. So here we go with more of yesterday’s (Dec. 26th) outing with Briar!

Briar’s hand (paw) showing me the Woodsia fern.
Mosses have names for their growth forms. Pleurocarp is shown here. Pleuro is derived from Greek meaning the side or rib. The sporophyte (red stems with immature green capsules thingies) grows out the side of the branches.
Another form are the acrocarp mosses. Acrocarp’s sporophyte grows out the tip. Acro is Latin for topmost or the tip.
Indeed Briar helped with the acrocarp moss too!
In most patches of mosses look closely and you will find several different species. Both growth forms can be found together. The acrocarps have an upright growth habit. And they grow slower than pleurocarps. Additionally, pleurocarps are branched.

Kathy and Gary were out doing trail maintenance. “We were cutting a mesquite limb that was too low on our nature trail and it was spurting liquid like crazy.  By the time I [Kathy] got the camera on it I [she] just barely caught the last of the spurting.  It was very liquid[y].” However Kathy reported a second branch on the same tree did not do this. Indeed very interesting! Thanks Kathy for sharing!

We cut a second limb on the same tree but it did not do this.

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. How interesting that the mesquite’s sap would ve running with that much pressure this time of year. Sweet story about the retiring lighthouse keeper. NPR just did a story about her too.

  2. I love the lighthouse story too. And thanks Kathy and Mary for sharing the sap thing. Never seen that before. Glad Briar is there to point things out to you.

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