The Third Outing

Briar kinda, ok really likes going to the grasslands! But who doesn’t. 🙂 This was Briar’s third outing while staying with us.

We had passed the big stick multiple times. However, maybe she knew this would be her last outing at the grasslands for awhile; Briar ran with it. 😉

Down we went!

A root secured in place.
On a side ravine, I was stopped by a hard-to-pass pool.

I saw a creature with an ear and the forehead covered with moss, Leucodon julaceaus!

A muppet character with a wide open mouth with shelf fungus for eyes.

Something white on the top edge. Was it trash?

Well, stay tuned. It will be revealed tomorrow.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

We thought we’d find 200 species living in our house and yard. We were very wrong

See Claire’s count in her yard in Norman, OK too. Impressive too!

Challenging Ecological Norms: Why “A Crab Is Never Just a Crab”

Scientists Debunk 127-Year-Old Theory of Odd Little “Water Balloons”

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


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