Closed for heat

This heat! I sure hope we get a break soon. Maybe hurricane Hilary will help break the heat dome over us in Texas? Sure hope so! However there was no talk of that happening on NOAA’s forecast discussion. 🙁

I just liked the Beggars-ticks or Hedge-parsley (Torilis arvensis) because of the color. It reminded me of gray winter colors.
Just gotta an itch. 🙂 Mr Cottontail might have just finished a drink at the water puddle feature.
Even the Texas Paper Wasps (Polistes apachus) were trying to stay cool on our porch. At least that was our theory. However I would have thought they would not have wanted to crowd together.

At 7am leaves were still open. By 9am the Partridge Peas (Chamaecrista fasciculata) had started to close for the day.

Hiding in plain sight! And here the leaves are tightly closed at 1pm!
At 4pm and 108F. The leaves are as tight as they can get to guard against the heat!

Take precautions in this heat like the plants and critters do!

Researchers discover troubling truth behind ‘dramatic’ change in insect populations: ‘They are so important in so many ways’

A male mosquito’s hairy ears tune into mates. New research suggests we can stop that

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. We have been really feeling for our wildlife. We added a second tub of water over by our dry sand creek. Then after a few days set up the game camera. It is so rewarding to see how well used that tub of water is. Have seen our mama fox and her two pups over and over even in daylight. A raccoon walked over and climbed in to take its drink with all 4 feet. Possum has drunk from it and Little Girls fawns and Little Buck have all been regulars. Then during the day watching that family of juvenile cardinals too. Tons of video and almost non stop all night and some of the day too. Yes we have a stick in the tub so no creatures can get stuck in it. Actually had a toad almost drown before. This is not as ideal as on the ground but for a quick drinking tub that more animals can reach than the cattle troughs, it will do for now.

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