Snow sounds very refreshing today doesn’t it? Of course there is none in North Texas. Well, at least not the ice crystal type. However we do have Snow-on-the-prairie (Euphorbia bicolor) and Snow-on-the-mountain (Euphorbia marginata)! And we have the Snow-on-the-prairie (Euphorbia bicolor) here at our house. So guess what? That will be the “snow” today. LOL

With cooler weather on my mind I thought the clouds looked refreshing this morning!

So did the original person that gave Snow-on-the-prairie its common name, wishing for snow? This season’s was not a particular good year for them. Most of mine are not more than a few feet high. Additionally they are not as thick. The grasshopper was one of the Spur-throated grasshoppers (maybe Melanoplus). I don’t think it was a Differential Grasshopper (Melanoplus differentialis) for two reasons. It does not have the black herringbone markings on outer face of hind femora or a yellow hind tibiae.
So this morning on my walk I decided to check on every cool Snow-on-the-prairie that I walked passed. What would I find? First find started with a little sweat/furrow bee. They seemed to be around most of the plants that have flowers!
A closeup of the pilose hairs! So soft! Actually the whole plant has the soft hairs including the stem.

Another bee!

Not just looking at the flowers I hoped to find a caterpillar. No luck. ;-( However the tiny seed of the Beggars-ticks or Hedge-parsley (Torilis arvensis) hooked up. I am afraid we have too many of this invasive plant.

Everything was to be examined. I believe this might be an anther that fell off.
Ants were frequent visitors as well!

This was the only True Bug (Hemiptera) I found. Tentatively ID’ed as Hyaline Grass Bug (Liorhyssus hyalinus).

Indeed what examination of plants would you not find a crab spider like this cutie!

I hope today’s post made it just a tad cooler for you with such a cool plant!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Im surprised anything can bloom as dry as it’s been. Maybe the snow on the prairie is predicting cooler weather. We can hope. It’s such a pretty plant.

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