Plenty hot eh! But not complaining since it was only 108F today versus the 111F yesterday. LOL Almost all the critters at our water features come in panting.

Sunrise. Just plain looks hot doesn’t it?

Find the snake! If Jim had not stopped me I might have stepped on it.
Indeed the Prairie Kingsnake (Lampropeltis calligaster) is well suited for the prairie!

The Prairie Kingsnake has smooth scales unlike the similar looking rat snake or a bull snake. Those two snakes have keeled scales.

In yesterday’s post I told you about the buzz pollination. This Western Horse Nettle’s (Solanum dimidiatum) anthers show the bruising of a bumble bee that had grasped it. Pretty cool, eh! I tried thumping it with my finger to get pollen to be released. Nothing. However I need to try it sometime with a fresh one. 🙂
Great Crested Flycatcher was waiting its turn to get a drink.

Elusive Texas creature is spotted having a rare beach day

Male moths make their own perfume from flowers to attract females

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Great pic of snakes head. Glad you didn’t step on it you might have hurt it. Ive seen only a few badgers in the wild. All at the farm.

    1. Judy, was that your place in Kingsland down here that you had badgers?
      I have only ever seen one and it was roadkill on the highway between us and Kerrville. I’m with you Suzanne, I would love to see one!

  2. Kathy our farm was East of decatur where i was raised. I saw them when i was a kid on horseback. Guess i caught them off guard. Thrilled me as did any wild thing i saw. Wish i had seen them down there.

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