The sunshine!

The sunshine is back! So naturally, I took some photos of the ice and snow in the sunshine.

Duck decoy with snoot frozen in ice!

The Little Bluestem was coated in ice!

Snow is so wonderful. It makes it so easy to see what was happening the night before by observing the tracks..

Cats, coyotes, and rabbits oh my!

Coyote steps on the log!

This was one of the more interesting trails left behind. The small tunnel!

In the afternoon sun, our field of Little Bluestem sparkled!

Crow tracks!

This was strange until I think I figured out what cause this. Sublimation! So when the ice dropped off the tree I think it compacted the snow around the impact. Thus when sublimation was occurring, the “regular” snow sublimated at a faster pace. I also noticed a similar thing near some of early morning foot-prints and a rabbit track too. This is my hypothesis. Let me know what you think!

The ice was still thick on the barb wire in the afternoon!

Lichen on a mesquite branch! The weather was certainly a change of pace. I hope it was enjoyable for you as well.

Lyme and other tick-borne diseases are on the rise. But why?

Percy Julian the trailblazer

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Those all bring back the good memories of last year for us. I just love trying to interpret the clues in the snow. We had so much we could tell last year like ringtail, raccoon, rabbit, fox and all the different size birds. And with the birds, the landing spot and whether they walk or hop. Love the tunnel. Do you think something like mouse or mole?
    The sparkling little bluestem is so gorgeous. I remember last year how everything sparkled so when it was covered in ice and then snow sparkles like many little diamonds. The encased barbed wire was pretty too. Is it just me or do animal tracks in the snow once photographed, look like a negative? Like the track is raised instead of pushed in. Something I noticed in my pics last year just like in these.
    Thank you for sharing cause I didn’t get these affects here this time.
    I did watch my poor little doe almost do the splits on the ice today. I was so afraid she would break a leg.

    1. I think the tunnel was too small for a mouse or a mole, but not at all sure. Seems to cold for an insect, but maybe the snow provided some insulation? Very interesting to say the least.

      I also agree on the tracks seemly being inverted. It is so weird the optical illusion in the photographs. I have not run across an explanation for that, but there must be one 😉

      Glad the little doe made it ok!

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