Wrapping up the January 24th outing

Enough of the snowy weather, but it was so pretty. The snow is mostly gone. Our temperatures ranged from a low of 13 to 47 today. So the Jan 24th outing took us five or so hours before we headed home. As you could tell from the previous posts and this post, many treasures were discovered that day.

A doe skull!

Second bone, was this lower jar bone of a hog. It was about twenty feet from the doe skull.

Well, being the warped mind that I am, I created the heer! A hybrid… hog and deer LOL!

Next a Yellow Scale lichen (Psora)!

Certainly was tiny!

Here is a lichen I collected.

The lichen that was interest to me, was the crustose Lecanora lichen on the Greenbriar corm.

A beautiful colorful gall laid nearby!

The gully we walked was wide and had a path down the middle. Additionally, this is where I collected the lichens on its edges.

Moss climbing a young sapling!

Jeanne thought this looked like a ghost emerging. However, I first saw a half buried cow skull. What do you see?

Isn’t this just handsome Prickly Pear cactus with its colors?

Lightning flash measuring 768 kilometres is the longest ever recorded

Squirrels eavesdrop on bird chatter to tell when a threat has passed

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Stump looks like a porpoise jumping up and the cactus is gorgeous. Looks like a painting with all the circles etc.

  2. Ha ha. Gary and I both laughed at your Heer.
    I saw a sperm whale or some kind of whale, just the head, baleen, eye part on the left stick of that stump.

    1. You and Judy, both saw creatures from the ocean. I wonder if the psychologist would have something to say about all of us from our different visions? LOL. Maybe we are fun people, eh! 🙂

  3. Heer – haha! Couldn’t use “dog” I guess, it’s already taken LOL. I do see your cow skull and Jeanne’s ghost; I also see it as something yawning.

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