Freezing rain, sleet, and snow!

We had it all last night and today with about 3/8 inch of ice and one inch of snow here! At our house the temperature has started to drop again and was 17.7 degrees at 5:47pm. The high was 24.9 degrees at midnight. So most of the day it hovered around 20 to 22 degrees. So today’s post is all about winter photos from guest contributors and me!

First photos are from Fossil Hill near Bowie.

Jeanne has multiple deer that regularly come up to her house!

Snow blew into Jeanne’s screened porch! Thanks Jeanne!

Second contributor was in Alvord. Susan’s nest box was dripping icicles! Susan put in dried grass inside the box for insulation for roosting birds. Additionally, Susan’s bird count of the day: 15 species. Good job Susan!

On this dreary morning, Susan’s Possomhaw berries brighten up the morning! Thanks Susan!

Next is Suzanne’s in Ft. Worth!

Suzanne had a bright spot to her morning!

A White-throated Sparrow was among the visitors. In addition, she had Brown Thrashers and lots of Juncos! Thanks Suzanne!

Likewise, snow in the Hill Country too! This is Kathy’s cacti garden.

Kathy had a lot to protect!

Indeed, a great shot of a Carolina Wren! Thanks Kathy!

Next up, Alan in Dallas!

Another shot from Alan!

Last shot from Alan’s front yard wildflower garden! Thanks Alan!

Snow drifted onto the yuccas out in west Texas!

Out in El Paso (there is a song by Marty Robbins -LOL), they had snow as well and a low of 10 degrees. Thanks Marlyn!

Claire had the most snow in Norman Oklahoma of all the contributors! It was about three inches, in fact! Still I don’t know if this would be considered lucky. However, this does mean she got more moisture for her plants. Thanks Claire!

Cool icicles from Miguel via Judy!

The birds flocked to Judy’s backyard in Decatur! Truly a nice assortment of birds: doves, house finches, purple finch, goldfinches, cardinals, blue jays and one unknown blackbird. What a line up! Thanks Judy and Miguel!

In spite of the hit to the window, the Junco quickly recovered! Hope it doesn’t have a headache.

So on the noon mail walk, I spotted a millipede encased in ice!

Of course, Gracie had a great start to the day! She loves the snow!

So as we bundled up for the morning walk, the inside weather display said the wind was zero mph. Well, it was frozen and yes there was wind LOL!

Indeed it was snowing pretty heavy when we went for our morning walk!

Consequently, she needed wiped off before coming back into the house. Also, Gracie and I managed to get all three of our walks in for the day. In a word, the snow and the cold did not stop us! Stay warm!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your photos!

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Wow, snow everywhere! I see Gracie likes her face wipes first just like Briar, and Shadow before her. 😏. We got very little ice here and official work from home, so a break from plague.

  2. Lots of great pics. I too had junco hit window but fell in snow. Picked it up and put in dark box and brought into warmth till it was better. Then it flew off. Took maybe half hour. Loved seeing everybodys pics. Thanks.

  3. Wow, Miguel’s icicled vulture silhouette is awesome! I loved seeing all the frosty activity. Thanks Mary and everyone.

  4. I second that about Miguel’s vulture. Neat that it has the contours of feather tips along the bottom so it forms icicles all across. These pics covered a lot of miles. Very cool to see. Sun is out now and just got above freezing. Have had our chores of being sure horses and wildlife all have water. We had a little glitch in our water supply early this morning but got that thawed and have running water again. Chili is out laying in his soggy run to soak up some warm rays. He used his shavings laden stall last night but guess sunshine is more fun during the day.

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