Awesomely big

Still down in the creek, we crept along at our normal pace…slow! And you can not convince me of any other way to go LOL.

A fallen tree and leaves rest at the bank edge.

A monument in one of the gullies that led to creek!

Here the cut bank was not so steep.

The Leprapia lichen (the mint green part) highlighted the rock.

Close up of the Leprapia lichen! It is very crumbly and does not have any apothecia (fruiting bodies).

The moss is always a delightful green!

The Purple-fringed Liverwort looks to be looking back at me!

Along this section of the creek, there were these knobby rocks jugging out! I see an angry dog and a happy alligator in the shadow LOL!

A weird circle in the rock!

OMG, this is one of biggest pieces of petrified wood I have ever seen at the grasslands! I estimated that it was about 18 inches long and weighted about 20 or so pounds. Pretty awesome!!!

Women in Science Textbooks

As Wetland Habitats Disappear, Dragonflies and Damselflies Are Threatened With Extinction

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. I love that you take me places i can no longer go. Makes me kinda sad but very happy too. Your pics are great. I too love the liverwort. And i see the angry dog and alligator. So cool all the things you see. Thank you

  2. Ditto to the other’s comments. I’m with you Judy although my reason for no longer being able to go is distance I too have that combined sad and happy feeling. Love that liverwort! I can still remember the first time Mary that you showed me a liverwort. I think it was just you and me or maybe Claire also. liverworts are fascinating!

  3. Judy and Kathy, I too am sad that neither of you can come with me anymore. We have had such fun times exploring places. And I have learned so much from both of you! Funny how certain memories are so clear and that they were just such special moments. Even if it was just literally a moment. Thank you both! And love those liverworts!

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