What do you see?

Snails really do have the right idea…slow! Can you tell this is a theme with us.

It looked blocked but we managed to find a path up on the bank to the right. Many places in this creek did not have such shear sides. Especially as we moved further down stream.

Beyond the tree, we found this egg shaped rock. First thing we jokily said, dinosaur egg LOL!

Here is our hand and foot to give you idea of the size! Little nubs coated the rock.

Another fallen log which had these large beetle holes. The holes were about a 15 millimeter (1/2″) across.

Insect scribes! At least that is what I like to call it.

Another distinctive insect scribe.

A partially smooth tree crossed the creek!

The bark of a Mexican Plum! Could be an insect sign.

Next we found these three cuties!

Only a few feet away, the gilled mushroom stuck out of the bank!

The top view was pretty too!

I saw an angry face shape in this knobby rock. Or maybe just the man in the moon.

Here I saw a frog in the rock knob! What do you see?

Finally, a green Christmas bough from Gracie and us to you!

A little Christmas…

How fast does Santa fly?

Meet the Marvelous Christmas Tree Worm

Keep looking!

And have a wonderful safe holiday!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Merry Christmas all!
    I saw a lamb in the 2nd to last photo. The bumpy rock looks like wool and maybe a head of the lamb on the left.

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