We were finally starting to move on from the original spot. Of course, slow because wonders of nature never cease, eh!

As we started down the creek, we saw the biofilm (oily looking sheen) on the water surface. The sheen is caused by a bacteria and is a sign of a healthy stream. But what about the bubbles?

The bubbles were coming and going in multiple places in the still calm water. I had to be quick to get to the next set of bubbles before they disappeared. Similarly, to the sheen, the bubbles were also produced by a bacteria and the decaying of the organic material. Subsequently the gases were being released.

It was like the tree was growing upside down. Obviously its soil had been washed away.

From the tree point of view!

A snakey root! Makes you wonder what obstacles stood in its way!

A view further upwards!

Jeanne points to mud drips.

So fascinating!

In this case (at least to me), the bank looks like it has a toupee!

A small step down in the creek leaves a small pool.

A close look to check why it was yellowish. In this case, it might have been from the algae, but definitely not sure.

Fallen logs often have interesting shapes and marks in them. What do you see? I am thinking maybe a fish.

In the final photo for this post, I leave you with love in the fallen tree. Nature giving back!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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