Pin-striped Slug Moth

This will conclude the Aug 3rd outing. And this was the highlight of the outing for me. I had found the adult of this critter inside the house back in June. Therefore, its larva has to be in our area as well right?

So on June 14th, I found this adult inside on our sliding back door. In fact, it follows the larva must be here too.

At last, August 3rd outing was my day! Here the Pin-striped Slug Moth (Monoleuca semifascia) was sitting pretty on greenbriar! Warning the spines can be painful! Accordingly, my philosophy is do not touch until I have it identified. With 20 spines per wart, it was a good decision.

Of course, you know me, I had brought it home to get a better look.

Which end is the head? Clue: the frass comes out the rear.

The head was hidden under here.

Golden Dalea (Dalea aurea) was seen on the way back to vehicles.

Hairy Grama (Bouteloua hirsuta). Consequently, I am sure allergies will follow!

Keep looking!


    1. It certainly was a first for me. Its host plants are oaks, pecans and other shrubs. So it must have fallen out the tree onto the greenbriar. I have given it oak and pecan leaves, in addition to the greenbriar. It was munching on the oak at one point.

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