Cooke County outing

Yesterday, it was hot right. That means it was time to switch to a driving tour. However, this does not mean we stay in the car. Usually, we stop at the shady spots. So this adventure will be covered over multiple posts. Today I will cover some of the things we saw at our first stop of the day.

First observation was the spittlebug spit on Giant Ragweed.

Naturally, we looked for the larva. It was yellow. I am not sure but the left end looked to be making more spittle.

It is only about 2mm. I am only guessing, but I think the bottom is the rear.

Trailing Wild bean (Strophostyles helvula) is one of my favorite legumes. Why because Shirley pointed it out to me. She lives on through so many people. Thank you Shirley!

Here it is with its bean!

Here is an example of what a leaf miner does to a leaf of the Wild Bean. However, I did not find the culprit.

This is what draws me back to the location. It is a small stream that must be spring fed. It always has had water in it. Shirley had located a special flower many years ago at this spot. It is the Sharp-wing Monkey-flower (Mimulus alatus). On this day, I did not climb down to get a closeup of the flower. It really is hard to see the flowers from 30-50 feet away. Do not leave home without your binoculars for just this type of occasion!

Last year, we did climb down there. The owner was haying the field and we got permission. Always get permission! So this is last year’s closeup.

The Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis) is also there as well. This is a new addition to this location discovered last year. Here is another photo also from last year’s outing. Both the Monkey-flower and the Cardinal Flower are found in wet areas.

We spent quite a bit of time at this location so more on what was found in tomorrow’s post!

This Sweet White Flower Is Actually A Sneaky Carnivore, Scientists Discover

I wonder how many of our sticky plants might do this same? And thanks Judy for sharing this with me.

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. I don’t know the answer to Judy’s question. I was commenting that yes Shirley does live on in many of us. That might have been confusing.

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