40 feet deep

The ditch had gotten too narrow with no place to walk. So we had to find a way up. This brought us back out to an open meadow next to the railroad tracks. We headed down along a fence to get back to the ditch.

The tracks were fenced off.

Heading back to the ditch, we came across this gully/canyon. It was forty feet deep! Watch your step!

In the recent rains, the waterfall must have been awesome!

Indeed an orange polypore shelf fungus was a beacon on the log. It might possibly be Tremetes cinnabarina. However since I did not collect it so this is not a certain ID.

Club fungus are like little orange flags.

Another great starry night Van Gogh knot!

Finally for today’s post, nails in a fallen tree that were part of a deer blind. I will finish up the Aug. 3rd outing tomorrow.

I found this 18 minute 2016 TED talk…

How trees talk to each other by Suzanne Simard

Kathy shared this with me from a FB NPSOT group (27 minutes)…

Black Swallowtail Life Cycle

Keep looking!


  1. The tree knot, if you turn your headsides to the right, reminds me of a sloth. Eyes, nose & the squiggles are fur.

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