The last of July 20th treasures

Will we ever run out of treasures and discoveries at the grasslands? With all the wonderous fauna and flora waiting to be found, I do not see how.

Indeed these tiny orange cup fungus are a good example of a discovery!

Just a little bit closer for you to admire their beauty. They are about 1 to 2 mm.

Another nice find were these Wolf’s-milk Slime Mold or also called Toothpaste Slime (Lycogala epidendrum). Why is it called either of those common names? I am unsure about the Wolf’s-milk one. but I did find out about the Toothpaste one. Apparently, when squished, it comes out like toothpaste and yes it does. These can get up to a 6-8mm. However these were fairly small at about 4-5 mm.

A Noctuid moth caterpillar and that is far as I can go with its identity.

when we pulled back some bark, a small nest of baby snails were found. They ranged in size from about 3 to 5 mm.

A latex mushroom with an incurved cap. We split it open in the photo below.

I believe this would qualify as a classic Greek ionic column.

This small bolete mushroom called to me as we were looking for a way out of the ditch.

It seems to be unassuming right?

Truly its brick red pores really made it shine with the yellow cap.

Did you notice in the first photo the bruise on the cap? When split open, it immediately turned blue. Quite stunning!

This concludes the July 20th outing! Every trip to the grasslands brings more treasures to discover!

Keep looking!


  1. Judy sent me the last photo and I couldn’t wait to see what it was. You and your photography are Amazing! Thank you for sharing your adventures, talents and knowledge.

    1. Sorry Kay, but the best I can do for the mushroom is say that it a bolete mushroom.I have multiple books on mushrooms, but most of the time there are so many that look similar to photos. I don’t usually bring any home for further inspection. A lot of mushrooms you need to look at the spores and microscopic features. I don’t need another project so usually I just take the photos and enjoy their beauty!

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