No place like home

Dorothy (The Wizard of OZ) is not the only one likes her home. However I do not have to click my heels three times. Here are a couple of cool critters from home on July 29th.


So interesting to see the robber flies mating. Later in the day, I saw another pair mating and one munching down on a bee at the same time. I think these could possibly be Giant Robber flies Promachus hinei.

A Sword-bearing Conehead (Neoconocephalus ensiger) katydid hiding in plain sight on Partridge Pea.

If it was not for the gorgeous Irish green eyes I might have miss this robber fly.

It is the green-eyed Robber Fly (Microstylum morosum)!

For a size comparison, here is another green-eyed Robber Fly Microstylum morosum with the Differential Grasshopper (Melanoplus differentialis).

Now this is too funny. So Claire found the same beetle species on her morning walk before I found this one on our morning walk. Did it fly over 150 miles to my house that morning LOL. It is the End-Banded Net-Winged Beetle (Calopteron terminale) found on a Hackberry leaf. Claire found hers on the sidewalk.

For the afternoon walk with Gracie, a Rough Green Snake clinged to the Post Oak.

I don’t think you can see me?

I waited it out and then it ventured onto the nearby Hackberry limb. What an incredible feat to see it stretch out like that.

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Keep looking!


  1. How long is the snake? Yes what a feat to reach out like that!
    I saw one of the net winged beetles last year. Really pretty.
    Another creature in orange are the Orange Virbia moths. I’ve seen them lately but never holds still for a photo.
    Love that snake!!

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