New plant for me

Still in the drainage to the pond, we continue on with the July 20th outing. We discover more fungi, insects, and a new plant for me.

Another nice find is this White Vervain (Verbena urticifolia), a new find for me. It was about 3 feet tall in the sandy loam drainage. The small white flowers were very similar in shape and size to the Texas Vervain.(Verbena halei).

Notice the square stems that are characteristic of the Verbenaceae family. The leaves were opposite too.

Here you can see a Red-banded Leafhopper (Graphocephala coccinea) on the White Vervain. Another insect, that I have been waiting to get a photo for my collection.

A rather unassuming mushroom until you look at the gills.

A beautiful blush chocolate color with a skirt! The skirt is a remnant from the young mushroom before the cap opens fully. The skirt was covering the gills.

Here is different species of a young mushroom sectioned so you can see how the skirt was attached on the top half. I love the pale blush color on the gills.

A simple leaf can be so beautiful as is this American Elm (Ulmus americana) leaf.

Was this one nodding off? LOL.

A fallen tree top looks like it now has legs, you think?

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Keep looking!


    1. The hopper was fairly good sized, but there is another one, Graphocephala constricta that looks almost identical but it is smaller. Of course there is some disagreement to whether it actually a species or a subspecies. More study needed “they” say.

    1. I just know it is a plant sucking insect and I don’t see them very often. According to Wikipedia it can be a vector for Pierce’s disease, but so are a lot of things vectors of diseases including homo sapiens.

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