As we walked further from the lake, but staying near the drainage ditch, we came across mushrooms and some other good stuff.

This one had a bit of a concave button center.

Its gills were a beautiful chocolate brown!

Then as I was turning it around, I saw this spider! It was blending right in!

Another mushroom but it had split its cap. Reminds me of a caution sign for radiation.

An empty vireo nest. It might have been from this season.

Birds do a lot of work putting together a nest. See how the vireo wrapped the grasses around the twigs to hold the nest in place. We have found several vireo nests this year near the creeks.

Further along, I found this egg shell. It matches a White-eyed Vireo’s egg. The rolypoly bug was hiding under the egg.

The ever lovely yellow chanterelle (Cantharellus species)! Apparently all chanterelles are edible,. BUT there are some mushrooms that look similar but not edible. I prefer to get my mushrooms from the grocery store.

The background of the lichens and mosses made this chanterelle stand out!

Tiny puffballs! I can not resist helping them out and making them puff out their spores.

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Keep looking!


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