Milky sap

There was quite the variety of colors on the outing. Yesterday, I showed you the chocolate and yellow mushrooms. Here are a few more colors to add to the rainbow of mushrooms.

A cinnamon capped bolete mushroom. Boletes usually have pores and not gills.

Here is a lovely Meadow Pink with the Yellow passionflower (Passiflora lutea) tentacles surrounding it. The Passionflowers were not blooming, but some were close to opening.

Chanterelle mushrooms!

So many moths do not want their pictures taken.
The shelf fungus went all the way to the top of the snag.

A hard one to spot!

It let me get close enough to get an identifiable photo. It is the Ilia Underwing (Catocala ilia)! This moth belongs to a group called underwings. Notice the orange that peeks out on the hind wings.

Red capped mushrooms are delightful! This one had beautiful white gills.

Here is an ochre colored one!

One of the identifying characteristics is to see if bleeds a milky sap. This one did! So it might be in the genus Lactarius or Lactifluus. In some of these species the milky sap will turned a color other than white.

When I split it open, I noticed that only the cap, the gills and the outer skin on the stem had the latex.


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Keep looking!


  1. Very fascinating on the milky sap!!! Thank you.
    I have trouble with many insects not wanting their picture taken. The velvet ants move way too fast. I considered catching one in a container and putting it in the fridge to slow it down. Haven’t had time yet but may have to. This week I decided to start photographing the grasshoppers. We have so many different kinds. but of course when you get a camera out I see only the same ones over and over.

    1. The insects and critters do present a challenge for us! And it is funny you mentioned that about the grasshoppers. When I started to think about getting their photos, I suddenly saw less variety too. Too funny!

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