This afternoon Gracie and I were startled on our walk. We saw our first turkey that I have seen in our woods. To be fair, I think it was more startled than either of us. It let out a weird sound and flew about 15 feet. Then it proceeded on foot away from us at a fast pace. Surprisingly to me, it did not make much noise as it ran away. We both just watched. Sorry turkey and no documentation for the event. So did it happen LOL. Now I continue on with more photos from last week’s outing to the grasslands.

Along the edge of the lake we came across these funky violet leaves.

This was a big fish! I guess it was about two feet long. I place the head at the front of the vertebra but I am not sure which way it goes. LOL.

It has been a few days since I made the post about the beavers that gnawed on the trees. We never found a dam but we did find this probable beaver’s den. Sometimes they dig holes in the bank instead.

This Honey Locust tree was freshly chopped down by a beaver. I would not mind if they came and cut a few of my Honey Locusts.

This is a beauty! It is a Ludwigia species. It likes damp and wet areas. And this was at the water’s edge.

American Germander was there too. It is funny to be seeing this everywhere the last couple of years. Back when I made the book the drought was in full force and hardly none were to be found.

Spoonflower (Clitoria mariana) is always a nice find. It likes shady sandy soils.

This was a crazy looking spider! I do not think I had seen one before. It is in the Sheetweb Spiders family (Linyphiinae). It might be in the genus Neriene. I love the club-like palps! Palps is short for pedipalps. They are a second pair of appendages that are lateral to the jaws. It seems it serves as a touch organ. (source: Wikipedia)

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New Evidence of Extreme Climate Change Thousands of Years Ago Revealed by Ancient Ostrich Eggshell

In case you did not know, it is National Forest Week! Apparently most people in the US live within 2 hours of a National Forest. I am so thankful that we have National Forest System to enjoy!

Keep looking!


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