Drop, float or …

Plants have all types of strategies to propagate. Some have seeds that drop to the ground. Some float in the wind, like milkweeds. Some are eaten by critters. Well, you get the idea. The list almost seems endless. Here are a couple and the different stages in the plant life.

Just starting! Greeneyes (Berlandiera betonicifolia).

Just starting to put out its petals.

Fully open!

The petals have dropped off.
Gone to seed! It drops.

Blossom and seed head! This is in the Asteraceae family, yet thistles are missing the ray flowers (petals), Seems like there are always an exception to the rules humans have made up. LOL.

Fly in the wind!

Bud on Western Horse Nettle or Nightshade (Solanum dimidiatum)!


Fruit! Even though this in the same family as tomatoes, I have not seen anything eat its fruit.

Plenty of beetles can be found on it, like this Blister Beetle.

New Fossil Discovery of a Distinct, Ancient Human Species Points to Complicated Evolutionary Process

Keep looking!


  1. Enjoyable post, Mary. I like the step-by-step photos. And the linked article is extra fascinating too!

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