Imagination required

When I was growing up on a hot summer day, we were banned from inside the house. My dad worked the night shift so he was sleeping during the daytime. We did not have AC so it did not matter, inside or outside. So we sat around in the shade playing cards, played cars or something in the afternoon and sometimes if there were clouds, we used our imagination and looked at the clouds. I don’t know if kids do this today or not, but I still do somethings. A kid at heart, I suppose.

On the way home from Dallas today, I saw my first ever caterpillar cloud! At least I don’t remember ever seeing one before. You might have to look hard for it, but it has segments in the body that seems to curl over top of another cloud. Go up straight from the D in Discount Tires on the left above the powerlines a bit and then slightly to the left.

A stop at DQ as our tradition dictates when coming home from Dallas gave me the opportunity to see more in the clouds. I see a poodle!

As we waited for our turn in the drive thru, it turned into a bunny!

The contrail made this one into a tadpole.

Cauliflower here.

And the last was a side shot of a smiling face!

Even when I saw it land, it is hard to spot!
Close up. The Betrothed moth seems to be seen fairly regularly lately.


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Keep looking!


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