Gaura mollis

The Lizardtail is such a nice plant. It has a wet-like feel to it. It is one of the host plants for a White Lined Sphinx moth. I have not seen one on it this year, but I’m still watching for them. The plant can get six feet or so tall. With all the rain we have this year a lot of them have reached that height.

Lizardtail (Gaura mollis) reaching for the clouds!

The Stilt bug (Berytidae family) is the very abundant on Lizardtail.

This small beetle was lurking in the shadows.

Lizardtail (Gaura mollis) with a Clouded Crimson! It is a host plant for this moth as well.

A better angle of the Clouded Crimson moth in this view. Most of the time its wings in a tent-like position. You might also notice the stilt bugs on it here too.

I don’t usually see with its wings spread like it did here.

Fuzzy white head and green eyes! It is one of my favorite moths and plant.

In case you had not seen this is in the news! Go Wally!

An 82-year-old woman trained to be an astronaut sixty years ago. Now she’s going to space with Jeff Bezos

This ancient beetle is the first new species discovered in fossilized poop

Keep looking!


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