It has been a long time since we had Barn Swallows nesting here. The parents built their nest over last year’s Phoebe nest. Nestlings were starting to peek over the edge too. We were so pleased that they decided to come this year!

Way up in the casaport as we call it.

Peeking out!

When I got close to them they hunkered down. Good babies listened to their parents. Or was it the big monster (me) looking at them.

It is a full nest!

First two up!

Both parents are feeding their babies.

One is being pushed to the back.

Let me up here too. It is time we got some food.

I am being good really.

Down the hatch for one youngster!

My mouth is the biggest so I should get the food.

Wait mom, I think you forgot me.

Mom don’t leave yet. We are still so very hungry!

Keep looking!


    1. First four photos were with the phone. The others photos with the long lens. The babies or the parents would not be feeding otherwise in this case.

  1. At least once at the farm one parent died. Poor single parent had to feed five babies alone. All fledged.

    1. Tough being a single parent I bet. But the parent did what it had to do. I wonder how the “kids”.

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