I got up early

I got up early this morning to beat the heat. Yeah it is that time of year that it is the only way for me to get outdoors to enjoy it. I bet a lot of you are doing the same. We did hear a bobwhite calling this morning on the grasslands. I wish they were still here at home 🙁

Sunrise was pretty awesome!


We found quite a few of the Georgia Sun-rose! (Helianthemum georgianum)! Jeanne noted there was an interesting arrangement that three quarters of the stamens were crowded to one side.

The sepals ( the green leafy things on the back of the flower petals) have three larger sepals and two linear ones.

The leaves also have stellate (star-shaped) hairs on them. The hairs were thicker on the underside of the leaf (top leaf).

This was the first cool mushroom we found and I even know its name LOL. It is the Old Man of the Woods (Strobilomyces strobilaceus)! It is an easy one that I can remember. It was in the perfect place with the lichen and moss behind it.

We found a nice patch of Lazy Daisies (Aphanostephus skirrhobasis) along a sandy path. They are called that because it is slow to open in the mornings. And it is true!

A few had open a bit, but it looked like they had been beaten up pretty bad. Maybe the recent storms?

This was one of the prettier ones with a tiny black beetle!

We saw lots of good stuff today and I will post more in the next posts.

Hurray for change! I hope AOU does do it. Read the article

Monuments And Teams Have Changed Names As America Reckons With Racism. Birds Are Next

Keep looking!


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