The Bs

Today it is all about the “B”s! Birds, bugs and The Betrothed. I believe summer is here with all its mosquitoes!

It would not surprise me if these babies fledge before tomorrow. These are the Bewick’s Wrens. First of the Bs.

Bees on the thistle that opened in yesterday post.

Long-horned Beetle on the thistle!

Interesting how hairy some of the beetles are when you get close.

The bee should be be looking out for predators!

Bee no dinner for this spider this time!

Another bee and another thistle.

When a bee or insect does not look like it is in a normal position, take a closer look!

Could be someone is having a meal!

This is another one of those can you see it?

The Betrothed (Catocala innubens)! What a cool name! I wonder if someone was about to get married?

And finally the last B! Five bluebird eggs. This is my second batch in the same box.

Keep looking!


  1. From a distance i saw a bat. Yes the name is cool. Would like to know the background for that name. Seems thistles always have bugs

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