Ok, this is like a cross-post with The Dr Blue’s Cast Iron Forest to Skillet. You know how TV series connect similar plots and characters together. LOL Except wait, I do not attempt to grow anything. Nature is in total control of our blackberries. The blackberries just showed up one year in our field. The older patch was here when we moved here thirty years ago. It has never been as productive as the new patch. I have never bothered to see which species; I just pick’em and eat’em! Goodness they are good!

This thistle is right outside our backdoor on the way to pick blackberries. It is a beauty!

By afternoon, the thistle was fully open and the spider had moved on. Now the thistle has a bee!

The patch and the start of the pickings! I use milk jugs for my bucket.

Gracie is ready to do her job. She guards me. You never know who is going to sneak up.

Ripe and red berries! I thought the leaves’ color was pretty too.

There were a lot of these flies. Many appeared on the berries. I don’t if they were sucking up juices or not. I really should catch one to ID it.

Horsemint was scattered among the blackberries!

Fleabane too!

A few grasshoppers joined me.

Gracie still on guard! She did catch Jim trying to flank me, but she gave a warning bark to let me know he was coming! LOL

I heard a commotion. Can you find the baby?

It was a baby Dickcissel!

Dad was close by chirping up a storm.

I believe these are the Dickcissels I found a few days ago. The blackberry patch is very near and as you can see they fledged. The nest is really neat. The grass was really woven tight.

Blackberries were big and juicy!

A Red Admiral was hanging out!

Common Wood-nymphs was there too!

Tufted Flax is blooming in the field!

Do you remember the casing/cocoon I found last week on the Little Bluestem? Well I found multiple of them on the blackberries. The one I have in a jar has not emerged yet.

My morning’s hard work! I got about 2 3/4 gallons. Sorbet and blackberry cobblers are in my future!

So while you out gardening or hiking, there are always other creatures to keep you company!

Kathy gave me permission to post this link to a video that was produced to show her beautiful yard down in the Hill Country. Kathy has put in a lot of hard work and it shows!

Kathy Saucier – Yard Tour

Keep looking!


  1. When I see gorgeous blackberries like that i about drool.
    I made a new recipe tonight for dessert that I should send you.
    Blackberry Orange Cake. I used my blackberries fresh from the garden.

  2. A very good day!! Hey my blackberries are from your patch so it’s definitely a crossover episode. Hopefully this weekend I figure out how to update my link to your new link. 😂

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