Amazing fungi!

The weather has brought out some mushrooms! And I told y’all yesterday, I was going to share one of the tiniest mushrooms I have seen. Here it is! 

They are amazing! This is them in the leaf litter!
I have not clue what species it is. When I first noticed the tiny white specks…I thought insect eggs…maybe a lacewings’ eggs.

A wonderful amazement!
As you can see, they were smaller than the lead in my mechanical pencil!

I love the way the foot of the mushroom attaches to the twig.
This little red cup mushroom is what drew me in so that I noticed the above micro mushrooms.
Also in the path was this red one. It is about 15mm tall.
This pair looked fleshy!

It seemed to glow!

Pink gills!

Shelf fungus and jelly fungus!

Turkeytails and finger fungus (that is just what I call them)!

Puffballs nestled together!
Fuzzy shelf fungus!

Closer view.

And it had gills!

Some nibbling was evident on this mushroom!

I always have to check whether it is gilled or pores.
Purple crust fungus (Phlebiopsis crassa)!  The colors in fungus just always amazes me! A whole rainbow of colors!

Keep looking!


  1. Kathy, I do not think it is same mushroom. Your had a skirt/ring on the stem. Also I believe the stem is shaped different.

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