In a shelter!

Another beautiful day! Today on the afternoon walk, I found the tiniest specimen of a mushroom. No photos today, but I will get them to y’all in a day or so. Really cool!  Today’s photos are all from the grasslands.
Woods Ear (Auricularia angiospermarum) is always a fun to see with its velvety texture! 

Closeup of a Standing Winecup!

Katydid on an Indian Blanket!

Katydid on a skullcap!

Katydid on Sensitive Briar!

Katydid on Standing Winecup! It was good day for baby katydids!

Galls went up the trunk in the scar tissue. I don’t know what kind but sure is interesting!

I never know what I will find when I peek into the shelters of leaf rollers! Notice the anchors holding the leaf down.
The Redbud is the host plant for the Redbud Leaffolder (Fascista cercerisella) larva. It will skeletonize the Redbud’s leaves. 

Here is a photo for size. The adult moth is black and with white patches. The adult’s head is ivory or white colored.

Keep looking!



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