Barbara and her buttons

We added .86″ to our rain bucket since midnight. So the grand total for us for the storm has been 2.26″. Pretty nice!
Back side of Greenthread (Thelesperma filifolium). The two toned phyllaries are a characteristic of Greenthread.

What a lovely shade on these shelf fungus!

A closeup of a treehopper (Ceresini) nymph!

It was on Sensitive Briar! Cute thing!

It looks like it shed its exuvia!
Do you recognize this beautiful green and purple striped stem?

Closeup and top view of its flowers!

A view of the flowers from the side. In case, you still don’t recognize it; it is Indian Plantain (Arnoglossum plantagineum).

Barbara sure had a lot of buttons in the prairie! The flower is Barbara’s Buttons (Marshallia caespitosa)!

A wasp visited the button!

Green flower chafer (maybe Trichiotinus lunulatus) gathered the bounty too!
I think the insects knew right where Barbara keeps her buttons LOL!

Keep looking!



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