Right where we left it in March

More good stuff!  And lots of sunshine today. High temperature today was 80 degrees for us. We got a nice amount rain from yesterday’s storm…1.30″
Indian Blanket with a tiny beetle!

Southern Purple Mint moth (Pyrausta laticlavia)!
Snake Herb (Dyschoriste linearis) has an awesome throat!

Texas Bindweed (Convolvulus equitans) has several colors from white to white with reddish throat to this pretty pink!
Its leaf is like a cowboy riding a horse which Shirley pointed out to me many years ago. The “equitan” is the Latin root for riding a horse. (source: “Dictionary of word roots and combining forms” by Donald J. Borror)

The seed head is interesting.

We broke it open to see what it looked like. It was divided into fours.

One red-shafted flicker feather was still there. We saw 6 or 7 feathers in March at this particular spot.

Keep looking!



  1. I see those mint moths on my red Salvia greggii bushes all the time. They are perfectly camouflaged in the flowers.

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