Take off!

 I went for an afternoon drive with my good friend! We saw several real nice birds. Three spotted sandpipers, the closest view I have ever had of a broad-wing hawk, two great egrets, two green herons, a beautiful female painted bunting and a couple of great blue herons that were lazily circling in the sky! Photos are from the morning walks with Gracie. Gracie even took a dip in our pond. 

This metallic shiny beetle was in the Yellow Flax! 

To my surprise this tree frog was sitting on top of honey locust stump!

It did not move a bit.
A glowing Indian Paintbrush! It was a different from the usual orangey red color.

I think the Kern’s Flower chafers were tearing into the thistle!

Witch’s Butter was pretty!

I can’t believe it; each time I see a mushroom push itself way up out of the soil it amazes me!

Small snake vertebrae!
A small bee and the Fruit and Flower Chafer (Trichiotinus assimilis)!

Take off! Wasn’t that the lucky shot!

Keep looking!


  1. Great timing to catch the insect flying off.
    Great mushrooms and frog. Those tree frogs are really good at freezing in place.

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