Beautiful day with friends

 Today was a beautiful day with friends. First they came over and help us put in a new window. It took us all to do it. 

What a view we will have watching life!  Thank you to Miguel, Jeff, Kay and Judy (the official photographer). Now we will just need to put the siding and trim up. Thank you again guys!
After the window was in, the ladies headed out to see the wildflowers!
The Yellow Flax was so pretty at the Beckers Prairie!

White Milkwort is so delightful!

The Shooting Stars are almost done.

Coneflowers are just about ready!

Standing Winecup (Callirhoe pedata) is really thick now along side the roads. This one was not open yet with a Flea beetle on it at the Garnett Preserve.
The Plains Nibble Cactus (Escobaria missouriensis) is glowing!
What a wonderful day! Thanks again friends for the help!

Keep looking!


  1. Claire, Gracie is already using the window. Apparently was watching for me to come home 🙂 It is very nice!

  2. Window was fun since i only had to take photos. Maybe cause i was the senior member of the team.

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