A Shirley Tour

Today’s route was one that I often took with Shirley. So I affectionally call it the Shirley Tour. There were five of us who all knew Shirley well. It was a great day! How could it not be, following Shirley’s path!
First stop was the Garnett Preserve. This larva was the first critter of the day. It is some sort of insect larva.

I was so pleasantly surprised to find this monarch caterpillar. It was chowing down on Antelope Horn milkweed.  Its little prolegs remind me of spats that men use to wear on their shoes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

This perennial Indian Paintbrush was a lovely pink!

Texas Bindweed is the bane of farmers I’m told, (probably by Shirley) but it is pretty! FOS for me.

This Green Milkweed was not open yet, but still the buds are interesting shapes.


New Miniature Trap-Jaw Ant Ant Species Discovered – Named in Recognition of Gender Diversity

Alternative to Conventional Fertilizers: Fungi Could Manipulate Bacteria to Enrich Soil With Nutrients 

Giant wood moth: ‘very heavy’ insect rarely seen by humans spotted at Australian school

I’m a bit tire after a long day in the field so more of today’s finds tomorrow.

Keep looking!


  1. That paintbrush picture is stunning! It looks almost like those contrasts you see in electron microscope pictures!

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