Oak Leaftier Moth

This is the Oak Leaftier Moth (Acleris semipurpurana). It is rather small at less than 10mm. Judy found one in her yard; then I found one in my yard. LOL
This is the Pale Metanema (Metanema inatomaria). It belongs in the Family Geometridae (Geometrid Moths). I finally looked up to see what makes it a geometer moth. BugGuide says “the adults usually have slender bodies and relatively large, broad
forewings, often crossed by thin wavy lines; females of some species are
wingless or have flightless atrophied wings. When at rest, many
geometrid moths hold their wings away from the body and flat against the
substrate (in contrast to most noctuid moths, which tend to fold their
wings over their abdomen); some species/genera hold their wings in a
characteristic position such as: flat & at right-angles to the body,
or inclined 45 degrees above horizontal, or vertically over their back
like a butterfly. Forewing cubitus vein appears 3-branched; hindwing
subcostal vein bends abruptly downward at base.”  Thanks BugGuide! I hope I can remember all that. 🙂

This is a fairly small (about 1 cm) caterpillar. 
I am thinking it might be Salt Marsh caterpillar. It was on Ironweed.

Gaura is real pretty right now!

Can you find the black beetle in the Yarrow? I didn’t notice it until I got it up on the computer.

Keep looking!



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