Chickadee chronicle

Here’s the chronicle of the Carolina Chickadees with the dead bluebird built into the nest.

March 25 – nest with dead bluebird, mosses, fur, and grasses.
March 29 – 7 eggs!
April 11 – Very fresh! Fourteen days after all seven eggs laid.
April 11 – angry bird!

April 15 – Mom sitting on nest.
April 18 – getting pin feathers.
April 21 – can see some white on their heads.
April 23
April 23 – close up.
April 24 – looking pretty big!
April 25 – 15 days now.

April 25 – still homebodies!
Morning of April 26 – 16 days, won’t be long now ’til they are on their own! 
I don’t know what day the nestlings actually fledged since we had left for Beavers Bend State Park. I was surprised that they were still there on the morning of day 16. I bet they fledged that day. 
Here is the empty nest with one infertile egg left.

Keep looking!


  1. Wow, those parents did a great job feeding six hungry mouths. They must have been impossibly busy!

  2. They were well fed for sure. Never did I see them with gapes open to be fed like I see a lot times when I peek in on babies.

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