Rabbit ears!

 It got down to 37 again this morning! High was a wonderful 75 degrees! I found what the green caterpillar from yesterday was…Figure-Eight Sallow (Psaphida resumens) caterpillar.

Small Phigalia (Phigalia strigataria) has multiple shades from this brown to a yellow and white colors.

Ladybug larva!

Square-bud Primrose (Calylophus berlandireri) has started to bloom!

There are a lot on the roadside in my no mow zone! Two years ago, the county scraped the embankment on my side of the road. So I was able to get the county to agree to make our side a no mow zone. Yeah, right!

The fallen petals were interesting, covered in dew.
Yellow Flax (Linum rigidum).
A pink Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja indivisa)!

Not sure if I have ever seen one quite this pink before. Normal color behind the pink one.
Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth (Malacosoma disstria).

These caterpillars do not make the tents like the Eastern Tent Caterpillars. They weave a silky sheet where they lie together during molting.( Source: Wikipedia).  It was fun to watch it climb up the side of the house.

Well, they look like rabbit ears to me LOL. It is a Texas Dandelion that was just starting to open up.

Keep looking!


  1. The Small Phigalia may be the same as the one I described in my text yesterday. Did you notice them dropping by a silk from the trees?
    Wow a pink paintbrush is new to me!

  2. Mary, wish you were on iNat so you could verify some of my finds, that match your finds. So many postings go unverified. Especially my mushrooms.

  3. Kathy, Mushrooms are especially hard. I believe many times you must look at them microscopically and spore prints. This is a good website I use:


    I have NOT ID'ed most of the mushrooms I have found. Mostly I just admire their beauty 🙂

  4. Glad to hear that Mary. I also notice that they change through their stages so much that they can look like several things.
    Yesterday on one branch of a Bur Oak were looper, eastern tent and buck moth cats. I decided that was too much eating on one poor branch. They got flicked to the ground to find their way elsewhere or become someone's lunch. The baby birds must be well fed this year. Speaking of, we had carolina wren fledglings show up on our porch and fence yesterday. It must have been their first day of flight as they did good to fly 4 ft off the ground at best. They were so cute with their stubby tails and chirps. I didn't see you on the TF group last night.

  5. Kathy, So fun to watch babies grow and then get out on their own. What can we say… kids right. LOL. I forgot about TF. oops

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