It was cold this morning. We got down to 37 degrees…brrr.  But maybe even colder the next couple of days. I wonder if it will be the last frost. My Mom used to say, it was needed for the blackberries to set. 

Our Tharp’s Spiderwort is blooming nicely. The Buprestid beetles (Acmaeodera ornatoides) are enjoying it too.
This strange creature was on the travel trailer tire. It was pretty small. It is the Weeping Green Lacewing (Chrysoperla plorabunda larva! This the only species found in the southeastern and central US.

What a name for such a beautiful critter…Twice-stabbed Lady Beetle (Chilocorus stigma)! It is native to the eastern and central US.

Top view of it on the Post Oak.
I don’t know what the species this is so it is on my list to look up. 🙂
Update: I found what the green caterpillar…Figure-Eight Sallow (Psaphida resumens) caterpillar.

I believe this is a Tiger Moth (Arctiini). So fuzzy!

Had a bit of orange on the front and some black on the legs and the antenna.
I moved it to my pant leg and it oozed out the golden drops on either side.

Then it pooped!  I put it back on the t-post.

Winecup (Callirhoe involucrata) and insect!
Mourning Thyris (Thyris sepulchralis) was cooperative this morning. Well it was cold!

Baby Carolina Chickadees are getting their pin feathers. Chickadee mom was still not happy that I checked on them.

More babies, but these are bluebirds in our backyard!


Picture a Scientist  Everyone should watch this 1.5 hour episode of NOVA or you can read the transcript.


Large New Amphibious Centipede Species Discovered in Okinawa and Taiwan

Keep looking!


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