By the time many of you will read this, it will be Wednesday morning and hopefully the last frost. Today (Tuesday) the low was 45 and high was 58. I worn my heavy coat with that wind blowing today. 

Engelmann’s Daisy (Engelmannia peristenia) is looking pretty across the road from our mailbox!

Close up. It is a purty flower!

The Prairie Verbena (Glandularia bipinnatifida) next to the Engelman’s Daisy was purty too!

I hope the chickadee babies will be ok tonight. I bet mom will be snuggling them tonight.

Bugs were still out this afternoon. I like this one with its white “hooves”.

This guy was on my Tharp’s spiderwort. I wonder if it was chewing on it? Petals were chewed on. I think it is a plant bug (Metriorrhynchomiris dislocatus).

This cat has such a pretty green body and sports a brown head and white collar. I’m guessing it belongs in the Owlet Moths and kin (Noctuoidea) superfamily.

Wild Onion!

Where a blackberry will hopefully form. I hope the cold in the morning doesn’t spoil its plan.

A blackberry petal.

Keep looking!

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