Gosh it is windy!

 When the wind arrived, boy oh boy is it blowin! Our high gust was 35 mph at about 4pm. I think two rocks was appropriate to hold me to the ground 😉

This was just 10 minutes before a 32 mph gust.
I think this guy or gal may be in the family of the Large Rove Beetles (Staphylininae). It was interesting to it see articulating as it moved.

The Eastern Tent caterpillars are starting to get some color. They also have increased in size about three times from 9 days ago.

This moth belongs in the Owlet Moths and kin (Noctuoidea) superfamily. It was fluttering upside down when I first spotted it in our woods in the leaf litter. It is that time when all these hard to ID moths are coming out. Moths are important pollinators!

The Ladies-tress (Spiranthes cernua) orchid’s leaves are quite notable now. Soon rabbits or something will eat them or they die back before blooming in late September.

Closer. Its leaves veins run parallel. I am finding lots of leaves this year so maybe a real good fall bloom…fingers crossed.

An egg. So can an egg have egg on its face? Apparently it can LOL!

Keep looking!


  1. Judy, If I got it right, the earwigs are a different…earwigs order of Dermaptera. The Rove Beetles are in the beetle order Coleoptera. The earwigs have characteristic cerci, a pair of long forceps-like pincers on their abdomen. They certainly look very similar shaped.

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