Part 2: The other two tongues

Pecan out in the middle of the prairie. Maybe a crow dropped it?

This is what we came to check on…Blue Funnel Lily (Androstephium caeruleum). Oh darn, we will have to go back to see it blooming! LOL

Another Square-bud Primrose with two red galls.

Pineapple cactus (Coryphantha sulcata). It will have pretty yellow flowers with a red center. Notice it has a center spine.

The Ten-petal Anemones (Anemone belandieri) are gorgeous! 

Mexican Plums and the Redbuds make for a great start to the spring season!

Part of prairie is covered with these fossils. It is found on the top of the hill/mesa.

The long and yellow catkins were hanging on the top only. 

We thought the bark looked like a  Cottonwood. It was down in a ravine that we didn’t want to climb down in to check the leaves for further id’ing. But Suzanne agrees. Thanks Suzanne!

Old Plainsman’s (Hymenopappus scabiosaeus var corymbosus) has a bit more to go before it will be ready to bloom.

Vertebras from a cow.
Poor bumblebee fell off the Wild Plum. He was pretty lethargic. Guess it was not quite warm enough yet for him.
I spotted this, the second tongue, in a Eastern Red Cedar.

It is a Rough Green Snake! Notice that its scales are keeled.
Top view of the head.

After holding it for a few minutes, it got a bit mad. Sorry guy.  Interesting to note, when I was checking my movie and photos to make sure I got the shot, it seemed as if it was watching the movie too. I guess it wanted to make sure I got it’s best side??

This is panorama view of the mesa. Soon it will be full of colorful wildflowers!


Here is the third and the last tongue 😉

Keep looking!


  1. You're welcome about giving my cottonwood opinion – those big catkins are a good ID feature. Also the lime green bud sheaths they shed as the catkins unfurl look like odd beetle elytra. Which unit is this? I need to make a visit! Also I found adder's tongue at FW Nature Center on Monday.

  2. Suzanne, Good to know about the big catkins. They were 4-6 inches long I would guessimate. And I will try to look at the unfurling. We plan to go back in a couple weeks. Maybe will see you there? Cool on your adder's tongue too. Maybe it is the adder's tongue year to shine!

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