Chilly March 18th

 The front that can through yesterday, has left us a chilly day. And the wind is still blowin!

The colors on the Ten-petal Anemone (Anemone belandieri) never cease to impress me.

The underside Ten-petal Anemone’s petals are interesting too.

I thought we had lost our Plains Nipple cactus (Escobaria missouriensis). It showed up again in the path. These are very small yet so it will be interesting to see if they bloom this year. The flower is a dull but interesting yellow. The fruit can not be missed. They are a bright red.
Pin clover (Erodium cicutarium) is a non-native from the Macaronesia, temperate Eurasia and north and northeast Africa. Also commonly called Stork’s-bill. 

My Missouri Violet (Viola sororia var missouriensis) has bloomed but something snipped it off. I got my plant from in front of Shirley’s apartment in Denton.
This ground bee (Hymenoptera) nest look similar to a fire ant mount, but notice the entry holes in the dirt. I did not see any activity at the nest, but the entries are fresh. If not certain, you can always disturb the dirt to see if ants swarm. 😉


Keep looking!


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