Duck Creek Formation

 On Friday, I went out to Judy’s farm south of Decatur. We looked in her creek to find these wonderful fossils. Judy spent many childhood days in the creek and even found an arrowhead one time! Here’s what was found on Friday. The formation is in the Cretaceous Period which is between 145 to 66 million years ago. This is in the Duck Creek formation which dates to around 105 to 100 mya.

This is the creek.

Impression of fossil. Wonder if it a type of clam?

Amazing to think about fossils that are so old and life was teeming then.

A praying mantis casing on the rock.

Heart urchin (Macraster)! I just call them heart rocks. I find them hard to spot.

A bank of wonderful fossils.

Some of the ammonites are fairly big.

Looked like little fossil worms on the ammonite.

Scallop, maybe a Neithea species.

I don’t remember seeing a gastropod fossil quite like this one before. The rings are so narrow.

This one looks like it has teeth.

Gastropod fossil.

Not sure what this is, but I had found this on previous hunts. I wondered if it might be a plant impression.

Little spiders can be found in the rocks.

Beautiful specimen!

Tiny Devil’s toenail!
A great day to be out at the creek!
I will do a few more photos on the fossils in tomorrow’s post.

Keep looking!


  1. What fun!
    Maybe the plant like one is some sort of flat coral or sponge? Since that fossil era seems to be all aquatic. Maybe we could find out if seaweed had evolved by then.

  2. Wow, what a great day! Fantastic fossils!

    Judy, is your creek also named Duck Creek, or just the formation?

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