The last post of the fishing for Trout Lilies

The bark of this grapevine was different looking.

Nodules on limestone rock.

Nice burl!

This fallen tree had an interesting twist in the trunk!
In it’s hollowed-out trunk, there were shelf fungus growing!

Love the face with a horn where the tree had twisted!

Looks like a pair of horns!

Red-shafted Northern Flicker feathers. These are the tail feathers with their stiff points. We didn’t find any other feathers among the leaf litter. 

Close up of Whitlow-grass (Draba cunneifolia)!
This seep was pretty with the green algae in the water.

We moved over to another area to see if any Trout Lilies were in the same area as the Shooting Stars. We did find lots of Shooting Star rosettes!

The Forest Service did do a prescribed burn a few days before on part of Unit 31, but it was much too windy on the day we were out for burning.

It is always interesting to watch for the new plant growth after a burn.

Anemometer hard at work!
Well as you can tell now, we did not find any Trout Lilies, but the search is always fun with so many things to find and see!
Suzanne gave a wonderful presentation about the Uncommon Wildflowers of the LBJ National Grasslands last night. Click here to watch on Youtube. She did a great job as per her usual!

Keep looking!


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