What difference

 What a difference in the weather from last week, eh!  Our low was 39.8 and high was 80.8 degrees today. We went out on the grasslands on this great day. And with the warm temperature, I did not even need a jacket. Actually was a bit warm by the end of the hike. I will start with just a few photos today and as before the rest in additional posts. 

Just inside the gate, feral hog damage. GRRRRR! It will be interesting to see what grows back.

The hogs really did a number on the soil. And they really dug and turned over the soil. Much deeper than we have seen before. Must have been a big herd. 🙁

Gracie was quick to find a pond!

This piece of cedar was almost a shiny silver. Very pretty. The Forest Service has been doing a lot brushhog work on multiple units removing cedars and other small brush.
A short post today, but more of the grasslands tomorrow! We found some nice things!

Keep looking!


  1. So nice out here too. I think supposed to be in 50s tomorrow. Looking forward to rest of your pics! Gracie looks happy!

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