Stump face

Low was 27.9 and high was 71.5. Perfect weather!
Stump face…LOL

Bee was busy but slow!

Prairie Parsley (Polytaenia nuttallii) rosette getting bigger. It is a Black Swallowtail host plant.

On our back pond, it was busy. Beside the obvious larger insect on top of the water, there were these very tiny  (like mite size) red critters in the water.

A Cucumber Beetle must have fallen in  the water. It was swimming furiously. 

This bug really blends in.

In our woods I found these Yellow-bellied Sapsucker feathers.

The two feathers in the middle without the spots are tail feathers. They have stiff points.

A colorful piece of a grasshopper next to the moss.

Roadrunner feather found on the path.

Not sure who these feathers belong to, but I think the Loggerhead Shrike must have had a good meal.
For fun today, I add back water to the yesterday’s protozoa that I think might be a testate amoeba. Very interesting. It had dried up after a couple of hours.
This is what it looked like desiccated.

It had shrunk to almost one third its of size. Here I had added the water.

At this point, I could see some of insides moving. I watched for 15 minutes to get to this point.

It reached its full size again. I never caught it coming out like in the movie I made yesterday. It did not stay out long, so I might have missed it today.  It took it a half hour to get to this size. Cool critter!

George R. Carruthers, scientist who designed telescope that went to the moon.

Keep looking!



  1. When i go outside critters act as if we never had a bad cold spell. Wonder what the really red critters are in the water. And the face in stump has a mustache.

  2. My prairie parsley hasn't sprouted yet but I'm trying planting it so many different ways surely something will emerge soon.

  3. Judy, I thought stump face looked like Groucho Marx. I may go back and nab one of the red critters for a closer look if they will let me.

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