Whoa was it nice today!

 The low was 43.2 and it made it up to 67.6, but by 3pm it had fallen back to 61. Still no complaints here. 🙂

Of course the millipedes were out first thing this morning!

I found these tiny feathers this morning. I’m thinking it might be a Savannah Sparrow’s. This was all I found.
This mushroom was soft. I checked later and it did not sprout up anymore than this.
The water striders were back out today.

Love their shadows.

Cool soft mushroom.

It felt as fleshy as it looks.
As I was trying to cut a leaf section of this moss leaf, I came across some interesting critters.

Not sure what this is, but interesting. Reminds me of skipper caterpillar but it is not.
Found several and as you can see from the measurement, it is very tiny.

Then I found this! It is about 95 microns.

I started to watch it; the thing in middle beat like a heart. It is some kind of protozoa I believe. I was leaning to a testate amoeba which is a type of protozoa. Amoebas do have a valve called contractile vacuole, but I have not been able to locate one on the internet that looks similar in shape. 

Keep looking!


  1. Claire, Thank you for checking with Brittany. So now we know not a mite larva and still may be a testate amoeba. Thanks Brittany too!

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